Abraham Lincoln

The Trump sidekick recorded a political attack ad while using an Abe Lincoln filter and it was as weird as it sounds.
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln have got company in an image Kayne shared on Twitter.
Book focuses on night Abraham Lincoln laid his 11-year-old son to rest.
American author George Saunders has won the prestigious Man Booker Prize for fiction with “Lincoln in the Bardo,” a polyphonic
But to no avail ... And where is the Bill? Updates to follow. Since more than 20 million people now depend on the Affordable
When someone attacks you or yours, you strike back and you strike back hard. That is not just the natural, instinctive response - it is the right and moral course of action. Failure to do so betrays a fundamental lack of self-esteem; if your own life and the lives of those you love are not worth defending, what is?
But anyone who focused their reading this year solely on the present would have missed a bevy of worthy history books. In no particular order of merit, here are five standouts...