The president has previously come under scrutiny for mocking others’ accents.
Irish, Scottish, German, French, New York and even South African!
It would be an injustice to neglect Afrikaans and IsiXhosa because the space I'm in requires me to speak English.
Many people have made the decision to take elocution lessons or work with a voice coach to change how they talk. To my way of thinking, they dilute their identity and uniqueness, whilst turning their backs on their upbringing and neighbours.
The Australian accent developed from a “drunken slur”, according to to a communications experts from Down Under. Dean Frenkel
New research has rated the top 12 main accents in the British Isles by attractiveness – and the results may surprise you
Take that France - British has overtaken the 'language of love' to become the sexiest accent in the world. A global survey
When we came across this Northern Irish teen from Londonderry being interviewed about his school trip in the snow, we couldn't