There are still too many misunderstandings about how ADHD shows up at work.
Parents worry about giving their kids medication to treat ADHD, but not all of their fears are based on facts.
The filmmaker discussed her diagnosis as an adult in a new interview.
"I told myself it would only be this one time. I took a pill from the bottle, held it in my hand, and then swallowed it."
"Being my son's punching bag for 13 years has broken me. Being a punching bag for 55 years broke my mum too."
The outrage is not limited to Harley Psychiatrists.
Marina Magdalena wanted her neurodiverse daughter to have a relatable female role model in fiction – so she created one.
There’s over 20 billion views of ADHD-related content on TikTok, but it’s far from a charity providing free healthcare information services.