Adil Ray

"In the current climate it feels like a huge privilege to be on morning telly..."
The GMB host asks Mark Harper: “Do you think it’s right that she’s inflamed racists and I’m getting this abuse?"
Guest Quentin Letts clashed with the presenter over the UK's treatment of refugees, saying: "There's no point talking to you."
A Twitter user commented on a photo of David Lammy on the Tube, saying: "4.20 to Rwanda hopefully."
Despite Liz Truss' various media interviews on Wednesday, GMB was clearly not going to be one of them.
"If you don’t know the actual basics, how can we respond to it?"
"Have you not messaged anybody at Downing Street? Do you not have any old friends left at Downing Street that you could text?”
It didn't take long for Piers to have his say over on Twitter.
"I feel like I’ve brought my entire domestic life into the studio this morning," she joked.