Adil Ray

"I feel like I’ve brought my entire domestic life into the studio this morning," she joked.
The Lingo host will be occupying Piers' old seat alongside Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway.
With the divisive presenter having now left, who will ITV recruit to sit in his old seat?
"I did slightly leap in the air with joy," the actor admitted to Adil Ray and Kate Garraway.
The Good Morning Britain star's husband Derek Draper is still in intensive care after recovering from Covid-19 earlier this year.
The two exchanged words after a comment Adil made during an appearance on Have I Got News For You.
Adil made a dig about the GMB host during an appearance on Have I Got News For You, and Piers was not happy.
The presenter and his co-host Kate Garraway came under fire for their "uncomfortable" line of questioning.
People should be allowed to figure themselves out and should only put a label on their sexuality if they actually find one they feel represents them, writes Lewis Oakley.
Most mornings I do almost pinch myself. I feel very fortunate to be filming a comedy on the BBC. It feels like a bit of a dream. However there's something missing - my first love. I know we can't have everything, but what I would give to be transmitted back to those hazy radio days for just a few hours.