Agyness Deyn

Tough luck for those wanting answers after the series finale.
This is a question I was first asked in primary school, by a small boy with an awful haircut and a smirk on his face (That first pot of hair-gel made us all feel so much older than our years, but at eight we just didn't have the carefully sculpted stubble or the desirable, industry-standard skeletal facial features required to look like the guy from the Shockwaves advert, and the family photos never let us forget it).
Long hair to me, seemed to be a credential for supermodels, until Agyness Deyn changed all that. And so began a shift. It wasn't until London Fashion Week in February, that I started to feel that maybe my almost waist length hair was no longer trendy.
Not many women feel more exposed and fragile with their clothes on, but Agyness Deyn is, in many ways, unusual. Playing the
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