Alec Shelbrooke

'We have heard these arguments before when we were banning the slave trade.'
A Tory MP has caused uproar after comparing unpaid internships to slavery, saying young people are “forced” to work for free
Alec Shelbrooke angry party isn't standing candidate in Richmond.
Zac Goldsmith has been branded a “rich boy playing fast and loose with the electorate” by a Conservative MP angry the party
The peoples of Europe may soon "rise up in a nationalistic fervour" against the EU and plunge the continent into another
If you are an MP intent on climbing the ministerial ladder it is probably a good idea if you spell the name of the country
The decisions relating to Iran at this moment in history will have far reaching consequences that could affect every man, women and child in the world and must be the decision and resolution of the widest multilateral coalition that is possible.