Alok Sharma

Business secretary Alok Sharma leads the daily coronavirus briefing following the announcement that lockdown will continue for three further weeks. It comes as the number of people who died in UK hospitals nears 15,000 and the NHS could run out of gowns over the weekend.
Sir Jeremy Farrar, who is a member of the scientific committee advising ministers, delivers stark warning as UK approaches 10,000 Covid-19 deaths.
More than 10,000 people have now died in the UK after contracting the virus. Here's the latest.
We still have no explanation on why Germany has more tests or the how and when the lockdown will end.
Business secretary Alok Sharma chairs the daily coronavirus conference as the prime minister Boris Johnson continues to self-isolate. It comes as the UK death toll rises to 2,352 and London sets to open its first field hospital with 4,000 beds making it the largest critical care facility in the world.
Business Secretary Alok Sharma announces new measures to help businesses and protect staff
Following Boris Johnson’s announcement that he tested positive for coronavirus, business secretary Alok Sharma steps in to give the daily press update in his place. He is expected to be joined by England’s NHS medical director Stephen Powis.
My two daughters have grown up with the same freedoms and opportunities as their male cousins. We must aspire for that to be every girl’s reality, writes Alok Sharma
Initial testing was due to begin in January 2019.