Alok Sharma

Prime Minister's official spokesman says the travel was essential in Sharma's role as COP26 president
Sharma is appointed full-time president of UN COP26 climate conference in Glasgow after cabinet reshuffle by Boris Johnson.
Five-day lifting of restrictions to go ahead despite spike in infections in London and elsewhere.
Plan to give Tory MPs their "tiny tiers" threatens a new split with advisers.
Words of warning mingled with exclamations of delight and... excessive patriotism.
Business secretary Alok Sharma accused an interviewer of acting like they were on a "quiz show".
Prime minister to open Commons debate on controversial Internal Market Bill which breaks international law - and Ed Miliband will respond.
Business secretary Alok Sharma has not ruled out introducing rota systems to keep education going during coronavirus outbreaks.
Business secretary Alok Sharma said the new agreements would “ensure the UK has the best chance possible of securing a vaccine that protects those most at risk”.
Boris Johnson set to unveil latest lifting of coronavirus lockdown.