Alok Sharma

Backbencher Alok Sharma demolished the Conservative legislation.
Alok Sharma said the government should be expanding wind and solar power instead.
Two senior MPs who caused trouble for Boris Johnson have been recognised with knighthoods.
The Cop 26 president has signed an amendment which already has the support of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.
"You heard that disappointment on the floor," the Cop26 president said.
“This is our collective moment in history, this is our chance to forge a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous world."
The 18-year-old activist also defended the right of protestors like Insulate Britain to "anger some people" with their tactics.
The UK's COP26 president was quizzed on whether approving drilling at the site would send the right message to the rest of the world.
The UK president of this year's gathering said it was a “tough ask” to reach a deal on preventing global temperatures from rising beyond 1.5C.
Sharma: “People should be confident that the supplies will be there."