For people with diabetes, foot ulcers and infections can develop and deteriorate quickly to more advanced foot disease.
Six years after sepsis took my own hands and feet, this year I became the UK's third recipient of a double hand transplant
I am disabled and that won’t change. But I can change society’s stereotype of an amputee.
In amputating my leg, doctors accidentally tampered with my treasured Liverpool tattoo. It now read: 'You'll Never Walk'
There is no mountain I can’t move and there is no greater feeling than knowing that I made it through a scary time, I have everything to be grateful for.
'It’s a strange case, it’s happened before, but it’s still strange.'
A man has had his “completely dead” penis removed after it was stuck in a bottle he was using as a sex toy for four days
Sharing the new family addition on Facebook, Scarlette's mum Simone Tipton explained that they'd been searching for a three
After almost six months in hospital and 36 operations and procedures, scans, artificial tissue replacement and skin grafts