"my pug has 4 beds and takes medicine for his seasonal allergies just like his wolf ancestors"
Just in case the grinches among us need their moods lifted.
"'You let your cat in your bed' I’d let my cat borrow my car."
“No matter how much my wife likes her Christmas gifts from me she will like the gift our dog ‘bought her’ more.”
Manatees Romeo and Juliet are swimming with new pals after being transferred out of an aquarium where Romeo spent months alone in a pool.
No. 9: Your pet cat is an absolute killer who'd nosh on 2,084 species if you let it.
The Anyone But You actor told Jimmy Fallon that the crew thought she was "making really serious dramatic choices" in a scene intended to be funny.
“People are teaching their dogs how to skateboard and my dog’s chart at the vet says ‘must be picked up, won’t walk’.”
"My cats are pretty cute and cuddly but if we were all the same size they'd eat me for dinner"