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Labour welcomes "eleventh hour U-turn" but charities say moratorium should last six month so renters can "get back on their feet".
More than 10,000 people were identified as potential victims of forced labour last year. But a lack of frontline services this year has seen figures drop.
Exclusive: Children's Commissioner for England contrasts "small" cost of continuing voucher scheme with £132bn support for the economy.
Organised child abuse is happening up and down the country and requires billions of pounds to fix, writes children's commissioner Anne Longfield OBE.
There are more than half a million children in the UK born to EU nationals.
The EU’s chief negotiator must make sure kids of European nationals living in UK are not used as Brexit bargaining chips
Growing Up Digital recommends that digital citizenship should be taught from the age of four to fourteen with a voluntary extension for older children, which would show the way to get the best out of the internet.
We need to offer young carers more across the country. We have long known of the heavy toll being a carer takes on children, something backed up by research published recently to mark Young Carers Awareness Day.
The internet is a part of everyday life - and an incredible force for good. But it is irresponsible to let children roam in a world for which they're ill-prepared, which is subject to limited regulation and which is controlled by a small number of powerful organisations. It's critical children are educated better, understand what they're agreeing to when they join social media platforms and that their privacy is better protected. When it was created 25 years ago, the internet was not designed with children in mind but I believe the proposals in our report would help make it a better and safer place for children.
Despite some good intentions, the current regimes struggle to go much further than containment. Our recent research found that too many children are spending time in isolation in a system which is closer to crowd control than the ambitions of personal development and recovery that we see in Taylor's report.