Anxiety disorder

The supermarket is filled with uncertainty — parking spots, crowds, decisions — making it a hotbed of anxiety triggers.
The mental health condition can affect everything from intimacy to libido to orgasms.
There are a lot of myths around what it's like to have both mental health conditions at the same time. Let's clear some of those up.
People with anxiety disorders, brain injury or autism can apply for the badge in England.
I imagine a world where social anxiety sufferers, especially vulnerable children and teenagers, receive the compassion and support they need. Let’s get the conversation started now.
Saying you don't know much about mental illness is every bit as silly as saying you don't know anything about illness
Today I want to talk about a particularly tricky part of anxiety and depression- recognising your own triggers. Without knowing what causes your anxious feelings, you will never be able to control them, or even move past them.
Singer Laura Mvula has opened up about her mental health to reassure other sufferers that they are “not alone” in their struggle