Asperger syndrome

It was only when our children were diagnosed that Kelly realised there might be a reason why he felt and acted the way he did too.
The teen campaigner is targeted for her ‘disturbed’ bluntness, tone of voice and even her facial expressions. I know first-hand what that’s like, writes Ellen Jones
A recent altercation I had with a flight attendant exemplified just how little most people understand about neurological diversity.
Daniel Kelley admitted 11 hacking-related offences.
When Bradley Gunn Raver first started raving, he didn’t want to disclose that he had Asperger’s. It was only when he became truly immersed in dance and rave culture, that he realized he was being accepted for whoever he was, bringing him a sense of identity and belonging he’d never felt before.
To discover that a fundamental part of my identity is named after a man who sent children off to euthanasia camps is hard to come to terms with
Autism pioneer ‘complicit’ in euthanasia programme, medical historian claims.