asylum seekers

Home secretary will say being gay or a woman is not reason enough to receive asylum.
Downing Street says it wants people back on the barge "as soon as possible" but will not give a timetable.
On what the government's planners say is "small boats week", it's revealed 100,000 people have made the journey since 2018.
The independent MP used the senior Tory's infamous language in reference to 41 people dying in a shipwreck off Italy.
The move comes after weeks of delays amid safety concerns.
Sarah Dines was slammed for "offering word salad nonsense" about migration.
Home secretary faces backlash for trying to “demonise” migrants amid small boats crackdown.
Richard Drax warned Rishi Sunak the plan has not been properly thought through.
The giant vessels have been likened to 18th century prisons.