baby shower

From drive-by showers to Zoom parties, parents share ideas for celebrating this pregnancy milestone while social distancing.
Baby showers are rife with awkward, strange and hilarious situations.
"Our taxi driver was delighted to be running an emergency delivery service – as long as I sat on my jacket to keep the seat dry."
TV star said son Reggie-James "spun around and dropped into my womb."
Celebrating the day with Thandeka were her friends — media personalities Nthando Duma, Nokuthula Mabika and Naima Kay.
The pair celebrated in style on Saturday with gold baby shower accessories
The pair celebrated in style on Saturday with gold baby shower accessories.
Kardashian’s boyfriend, NBA star Tristan Thompson, was accused of cheating days before the birth.
Joey still has no idea she’s the queen of dress-up while she sleeps.
'I'm wondering who the f*** would order this cake?'
We’ve come across plenty of baby shower cakes that graphically depict the birth of a baby, but that’s not the only unappetising
Baby storms are a welcome new excuse to get together, and the trend is about to take the world by storm, baby storm. After a few successful test runs, the idea has now become the standard among my peers, and I can't recommend it enough. Below are my ten essential rules for the perfect storm.
Okay so maybe the title is a little exaggerated to get your attention, I mean I like attending them, I would just never want one myself... totally backtracking so I still get invited for free cupcakes and Prosecco.
At 39 weeks pregnant I found I really needed some moral support and while my friends had offered to organise a baby shower for me it for some reason just didn't feel right. My doula had mentioned a Blessingway to me during our first meet.
Three quarters of baby clothes are gifted yet a staggering 56% of parents discard useless clothing. Keep a few basic pointers in mind and you'll certainly give a gift that a new parent really needs and appreciates.
A soldier who was reportedly denied a leave request for his partner's baby shower because he's a man hit back with a typically