From Strictly pros to living room rookies, dancers refused to let Covid-19 stop them in their steps.
Design was "not appropriate" and has been removed, Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson says after backlash from arts workers.
From a young age, I was aware that there were some of us who had long, lean, desirable limbs, and some of us who did not.
The presenter was accused of "bullying" the six-year-old royal.
The Duke of Sussex was visiting the YMCA South Ealing to learn about the organisation's work on mental health and homelessness, when he decided to drop into a ballet class for six-year-olds… and show them how it’s done.
What Works For Me: The soloist at Birmingham Royal Ballet de-stresses by knitting and crocheting her own warm up clothes.
'I’ve yet to find another form of exercise that works every muscle in the body.'