bedroom tax

Sage group also suggests suspending benefit cap and "no recourse to public funds" status to help people self-isolate from Covid-19.
John said he came away from the two-hour assessment feeling “mangled”.
When you bear in mind that 75% of abused women who are murdered are killed after (or as they attempt to) they leave their partners, a victim looking for housing is at risk and needs the governments' help and support.
 A Tory MP has attacked Theresa May on the bedroom tax and on proposed cuts to disability benefits.  John Redwood told BBC’s
A spina bifida sufferer and a couple who look after a grandson with severe disabilities have won rulings at the UK’s highest
It's nearly a year since we took our drubbing and it's pretty self-evident that we have not learned our lessons. Purely politically forced academisation isn't an issue which will sway many votes because to most people other things are far more important. Labour are in danger of picking the wrong fight once more...
After a litany of failure, it's now time that Osborne recognised the damage and pain these cuts will cause and end his targeting of disabled people. This is the right thing to do not just for disabled people - but for all of us who believe in a fair, decent and caring country.
The incumbent Tory government of David Cameron and co. seemed to be under the illusion that since it scraped a majority at last year's general election, it could do what it liked to the country and the (post-political) 'what works' ideology of Thatcherism Redux could be freely imposed at will. Fast forward to the last few weeks and it becomes very apparent that that is not at all the case.