benefit cuts

Here's one cut the PM didn't expect...
David Cameron said on Friday he is "puzzled and disappointed" by the dramatic resignation of Iain Duncan Smith, who quit
Even IDS himself admits that aspects of this are "absolutely appalling". When I brought up the story of the woman who was being told her benefits were being cut on the day she died, he agreed that the case was one of those things that "went wrong" and said that he always apologises to people that suffer from those kind of things. Weirdly though, I couldn't pin him down on whether he'd actually apologised to that particular family or not. It's almost like he's a politician.
“Like stealing someone’s car and offering them a lift to the bus stop”
A new saving scheme for low-paid workers has been blasted by Labour amid claims that the ‘free money’ plan will be dwarfed
Tory benefit cuts will lead to more than 2.6 million British children living in poverty by 2020, a new study has revealed
Seasoned Duncan Smith-watchers are still left floundering as to why he is in his sixth year in the same cabinet job, and yet there he is. Labour must feel they can make serious headway against him on the new benefit cap when the arguments are so half-hearted, and Duncan Smith is doing his best to encourage them in this belief.
Social security has been capped and cut over and over again in the last five years, and the pattern has already been continued in the new parliament when George Osborne set out his plans for more pain in his emergency July budget.
Those who still have a sentimental attachment to children shouldn't worry: Duncan Smith is in the process of redefining child poverty so you won't have to hear about the suffering his policies create as their experiences grow more miserable but they fit within a happier category. If NI and income tax are joined, expect to see the welfare state look radically different within a very short time.
David Cameron has spoken of his belief in a 'compassionate nation' - one that protects the most vulnerable. If his Government is serious about this, they need to make sure that they protect all disability benefits and housing benefit for younger disabled people. Only then will people on the autism spectrum receive the support they need to live independent and fulfilling lives.