Benefits cap

Sage group also suggests suspending benefit cap and "no recourse to public funds" status to help people self-isolate from Covid-19.
Struggling mum of four children says the coronavirus crisis has revealed how our welfare system “punishes” those hit by a relationship breakdown.
New analysis from Labour shows 85% of those affected are women bringing up children alone.
Gingerbread, the charity for single parents, has consistently campaigned for the cap - which sets a limit on the amount of financial support households can receive from the government - to be amended. We provided evidence for the court case, based on our research and testimony from the many single parents we're in contact with.
“It is very hard to see any benefit from the benefit cap.”
Pregnant women are considering abortions because of the impact of the Government’s new benefit cap, MPs revealed today. Last
Families hit by the cap are set to lose an average of £60 a week, but we have heard from parents who will lose significantly more. The effect will be immediate for many: unable to pay their rent and facing the prospect of eviction and homelessness, cutting back on food for themselves and their children, homes that are cold and damp as heating becomes a luxury they can't afford.
The Labour Party and some on the left are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to helping those most in need and raising the living standards of the poorest in our society. I'd like to pose the question of what has the Labour Party done for the people they say the government are letting down?
If Chancellor George Osborne caps welfare spending without thinking enough about those in dire need, he is at risk of making a short-sighted mistake for which children will pay the highest price. We have already seen an increasing number of children getting help only when they reach crisis point which, for many, is often too late.