Police have called off the hunt for an "escaped wild animal" after a 36-hour mission.
Several people were injured in the incident in the German capital.
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in London, Berlin and Copenhagen over the weekend, chanting "Black lives matter" and "say his name."
But wherever you build a wall, people will always try to get over – or under it, journalist Helena Merriman writes.
It’s been thirty years since the Berlin Wall was erected overnight in 1961. Its sudden existence split many families, physically & ideologically divided the city of Berlin and all of the country. Its complete demolition after decades was complete by November 1991.
The German capital hosted its eighth annual Berlin Pedal Battle, featuring medieval fans jousting on bicycles. And for the the first time ever, the event allowed the participation of women.
From London to Sydney and almost everywhere in between.
Living with my wife and having a son in Berlin is more than just a personal celebration for my family. It is a victory for humanity.
No doubt some are xenophobic but, living in Berlin, I'm well aware of how Nazism devastated Europe beyond recognition – and its victims deserve better than your edgy tweets