black women

DPN is a unique condition that has often been underrepresented in mainstream beauty narratives.
I’m a staunch advocate for taking care of our mental wellbeing and creating spaces where Black women can feel fully seen, heard, and acknowledged.
"Thus began my summer of magical thinking — a heightened state of denial I would embody for more than a month."
The menopause ethnicity gap and why current advice is too focused on the experiences of white women.
"It is frankly shameful that we have known about these disparities for at least 20 years. It cannot take another 20 to resolve," said Conservative MP Caroline Nokes.
"I was steadfast in my belief that there must be a location on the planet where I could live without fear."
Cultural critic Clarkisha Kent's new book asks hard questions about how women like her are supposed to navigate the world.
"What about women like me whose lives looked fine, even enviable from the outside, but they were dying on the inside?"