black women

While my parents push me to marry a CEO or banker, the men I meet online either fetishise Black women, abuse us, or ignore us entirely.
Black families are stereotyped as dysfunctional, single mums as shameful. But I’m proof it doesn’t have to be this way.
Obama talked about the daily slights that Black women experience on her podcast.
People may call Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama 'angry' as if they have no right to be dissatisfied, but we must ask ourselves: Are we satisfied? Are we satisfied with Trump’s administration?
This week, Black Ballad is guest-editing HuffPost UK with a series by Black women on parenting, family, and our post-Covid future. In this special episode of Commons People, Arj Singh speaks with HuffPost UK's Nadine White, Black Ballad’s head of editorial, Jendella Benson and co-founder of the Five Times More campaign, Tinuke Awe to talk about the takeover and what Black Ballad's landmark motherhood survey shows about health inequality in Britain.
Why do social media companies fail to act as quickly when the abuse is directed at Black women? Kelechi Okafor asks.
Lilly Lewis says BAME women at HMP Askham Grange were subjected to racist abuse by prisoners, treated differently by staff and mixed up with each other.
George Floyd’s and Ahmaud Arbery’s killers face charges, but activists are urging the US not to forget Black women.
Like Gabrielle Union, I change my hair often, and I don't owe anyone an explanation.
I was often the only black woman in the entire lecture theatre and only one of the classes I took was taught by a woman of colour, Claire Heuchan writes.