black women

The monolithic representation of black men in the media as criminals creates a hysterical fear among white people when witnessing black men in even the most benign of situations and is in part responsible for Stormzy's house being raided in February this year by police because of reports he was a burglar.
History has not favoured women in the political world.
"Wonder Woman" is dangerous for black women.
But that wasn’t the only stunning post about her that was sent out over the weekend. On Sunday, popular Twitter user Ashley
“So many stipulations are placed on black women for blackness,” Robertson said. “Why can’t I be woke and wear weave if I
Oprah may be the epitome of black girl magic but even she can’t get enough of the amazing accomplishments from young black
The power of representation allowed me to walk out feeling that I can do anything in the world as a black woman, ready to conquer, slay and become.
Black women on Twitter are fed up with the way they are treated in the workplace so they are sharing their experiences on
Overall I personally will never understand black women who defend racist entry policies and the black promoters who enforce them. The most upsetting thing about it all is that black women are being made to feel unattractive and undesired, which can have a long-term damaging effect on their self-confidence. It's sad to think that after reading this some black women will continue to justify the actions of racist club promoters.
This strength - although sometimes a burden - is often the deep well from which we fill our cups of humanity.