Borussia Dortmund

Supporters who put their conflicting interests aside.
Sport has often found a way to unite people across divides. When unofficial ceasefires occurred around the first Christmas
Away fans were offered dinner and a bed for the night by their rival supporters.
The home fans then went on to extend kindness to the visitors in return. Using the hashtags #bedforawayfans and #tableforawayfans
The other Champions League match, between Juventus and Barcelona, is going ahead in Turin. The other Dortmund players were
A footballer was injured when three explosions went off near the Borussia Dortmund team bus. The bus was near players’ hotel
Sport has never been just about playing; it's also about spectating. The start-up of the football season will see many of us yet again travel all over the country (and Europe) in support of our clubs - and we love it. If we didn't have these beautifully constructed arenas designed specifically to accommodate our live viewing experience, sport simply wouldn't be the same...
We've all heard about German football and how cheap it is compared to the sport here. Once you go there, you realise that it's impressive in so many more ways that just financially. I'll never stop loving football in England, but seeing it in Germany was a massive epiphany in my life as a fan.
With just two wins from the opening seven games, Dortmund desperately need to turn their form around as soon as possible. However, the personnel at Klopp's disposal must help in their quest to shorten the 10-point gap between themselves and Bayern, starting with Ramos and Immobile...
The sanitisation of British football has become so unappealing it is estimated 1,000 English fans travel to watch every Borussia