brain damage

Thomas Haining inflicted ‚Äúcatastrophic and unsurvivable‚ÄĚ brain injuries on his daughter, leaving her in a coma with a fractured skull and several broken ribs.
People with anxiety disorders, brain injury or autism can apply for the badge in England.
Munira Abdulla suffered a severe brain injury while protecting her son in a car crash.
“When I woke, the pain was unbearable. I had no idea where I was."
William needs 24/7 care, but he loves being with people, whether they are children or 'grown-ups'. If you're (not) expecting a child with cerebral palsy you won't be expecting the feelings of relief, comfort and happiness when you see them build relationships with adults who want to help them as much as you do.
Elin started the Easter holiday this year by visiting her great nanny and grandad. Elin and my cousin's two gorgeous babies
An ‚Äúimpressive‚ÄĚ antibody has been developed that can almost completely remove the Alzheimer-causing-plaques in the human
A man has made ‚Äúremarkable‚ÄĚ progress waking up from a coma after scientists used ultrasound to jump-start his brain. The