brain tumour

"It would be the first of many diagnoses as we battled a tumour that was supposed to be 'the good kind.'"
“If we had not discovered it sooner, the impact on her may have been catastrophic," said Molly's parents.
"It was agonising to watch as my brother, who could once run 12 miles carrying a large military rucksack, now struggled to walk 10 feet from his bedroom to the bathroom."
HumanKind Advent Calendar 2018: “If you could take away that pain a tiny bit, then why wouldn’t you?”
Around 5,000 people are diagnosed with a primary malignant brain tumour in the UK each year.
'Andrea had complained of nausea and back pains.'
'Brain tumours are easily misdiagnosed.'
'I was angry and I was crying all the time.'