Whether you were passed over for a promotion, or you were stood up at the altar, take a moment to let the emotions sink in.
Yes, breakups are unpleasant for both parties.
9. You find any excuse to talk to them.  3. You hear yourself dropping their name into unrelated chats.  8. You haven’t deleted
Often there is a slow and natural drifting apart that takes place as the relationship comes to an end. There are three stages in the semi-separating process before the final decision to divorce is made.
hey can occasionally blend from one category into another, but most break-uppers or break-uppees will identify with one of these. I present: The Clean Break; The Beat a Slow Retreat; The No Fault Clause; The Ghoster.  
Photo: Whilst thankfully many of us have had harmonious and relaxing Christmas breaks, sadly the same can't
Being dumped is never nice, but Christmas is an especially terrible time to be newly single. All the awkward family parties