Breast Cancer

The siblings received the news within just days of each other, after previously losing sister Bernie to the disease in 2013.
The ad by online retailer Lemongrassrice appeared on Facebook in April. It's since been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.
Latest figures show there was a 60% fall in urgent cancer referrals in England during April – with those for breast cancer down 78%.
The latest episode of our Am I Making You Uncomfortable? podcast looks at our relationship with nipples, with artist Emma Low and Coppafeel's Clare O’Neill.
Roisin Pelan is a mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 32. When the cancer returned after three years in remission, she was put on lifelong chemotherapy. Now, however, her life-saving treatment has been deferred as hospitals struggle with the coronavirus pandemic and her weakened immune system means she is too vulnerable to attend sessions. She feels torn as she would be terrified of getting Covid - but without cancer treatment, she is fearful her cancer will return as she feels that is what has been keeping her alive.
The Beverly Hills 90210 star was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and has said her stage 4 diagnosis is "a bitter pill to swallow".
“Cancer is an unexpected lodger who turns up, messes things up and causes chaos. You finally get rid of them, then realise they’ve kept the key.”
From vaginal dryness to loss of libido, nearly half of women with breast cancer have experienced difficulties.
Everyone thinks they know exactly what they’ll do when the going gets tough. But the truth is we don’t know how we’ll respond to traumatic events, writes Sara Liyanage
This could be the future of breast and cervical screening to try and improve uptake.