Breast Cancer

Hitting this weekly target can reduce your cancer risk by almost 40%.
"Getting one step ahead after first chemo treatment for breast cancer."
The presenter and property expert is currently undergoing treatment.
"I always say to women, ‘If you have an instinct that something isn’t right, follow it up.’"
Cheryl, Nadine, Nicola and Kimberley took part in a 5km run to raise money in memory of their former bandmate who died of cancer last year.
"Stuart’s experience of being diagnosed was very similar to ours."
“It’s a really traumatic thing… there is no nice way to treat cancer, it’s pretty horrible.”
The Brent Central MP said it was "something that I will get through and over" as she vowed to make a full recovery.
A new study suggests Black women’s cells repair DNA differently – calling for tailored treatment.
A new Channel 4 documentary, Boobs, wants women to reclaim their breasts from the male gaze.