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The guitarist disagrees with Clapton's opposition to vaccine mandates at concert venues.
The Queen guitarist says he's been through a "series of medical incidents" in 2020.
The Queen guitarist has assured fans he's now "in good shape" and "ready to rock" after undergoing surgery.
The film director has been accused of sexually assaulting four men, which he denies.
It's with an unpleasant sense of déjà vu that I write this, but for the fifth year running the time has come round again when the Government allows the killing of thousands of badgers, despite the fact that they're supposedly a protected species.
The long-awaited film about Freddie Mercury now has a leading man, a director and a cracking script, according to his Queen
Adele has risen to become one of the 20 highest-earning stars in British music, following the huge success of her mammoth
25 years ago today... the biggest superstars of the musical world followed David Bowie’s example in bowing down and paying
Nearly 25 years to the day since the Freddie Mercury tribute concert brought London to a standstill in 1997, the Queen magic
The Queen guitarist has been performing for nearly half a century.
Brian May has been forced to cancel all his musical dates leading up to Christmas, because of a “persistent illness that
This will be the fourth Starmus Festival since its 2011 debut.
There’s some exciting news for astronomy fans who haven’t been able to get to the Canary Islands for Brian May and co’s Starmus
This will be the third Starmus Festival.
Brian May’s Starmus Festival promises to be pretty special this year, with the last night reserved for the world's first