Budget Cuts

The health service is expected to get a funding boost for its 70th anniversary.
'The government cannot stand idly by when Rome burns'
Until such a robust strategy is in place - and VODG is committed to co-operating with any actions along these lines - the future is uncertain for a sector that millions of people rely on for essential support.
In the recent elections the dog that not only did not bark but seemed to have got lost completely was the state of the public
If the Government is serious about looking after the most vulnerable children in society, it must urgently re-invest in local services that are proven to tackle the root causes of neglect and abuse - not just hope it can firefight the symptoms.
My compulsion to write this blog post is with the hope that "London Right Now" may restore your faith in the resilience, determination and strength of the human spirit. Our ability to communicate is the source of our humanity, and this raw tribute to survivors and victims of abhorrent inequality is vital. Right now.
We often take public services for granted until we need them. One day you're well, working and standing but you're only a day away from needing the welfare system, the NHS, police assistance or the fire service and that needs to be recognised by us and especially by those in power. It's time to start treating those who risk their life and wellbeing daily and save hundreds and thousands of lives a year with the respect, care and compassion they really deserve.
Hogan Lovells alongside the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Pro Bono recently launched a report highlighting the
From prisons to primary schools, social media to benefit sanctions, we need to challenge this tendency to punish wherever we find it. Our humanity should never be up for grabs. Only by challenging this drive to dehumanise can we start the work of building a different society; one which has a logic of good mental health and happiness at its core.
There can be no "shared society" without investment in arts and culture. Theresa May's calls for a 'shared society' have been lauded as a step in the right direction in an increasingly fragmented Britain, especially after a Brexit vote that split the nation.