"Cutting and withdrawing services is worsening congestion, air pollution and our impact on climate change."
The weeks-long bus strike will continue as the wage offer was rejected by the unions this week.
A deferment agreement could see an end to the four-week-long bus strike.
In a Britain of spiralling living costs, insecure employment and massive inequalities, free bus travel is the sort of radical policy that will redress the balance
'Young people deserve a break,' says Jeremy Corbyn.
This is the frankly bizarre moment a man miraculously survives being hit and almost run over by an out-of-control bus – before
Dangerous working hours and pay as low as R5,000 are some of the reasons for the national bus strike, say unions.
Unless a deal is reached soon, passenger bus liners will not be operating this weekend.
Millions of commuters will be stranded if an agreement between unions and employers fails.