David Cameron lobbied the chancellor, who then “pushed” officials to explore the ex-PM’s firm’s proposals.
The 400-metre long Ever Given has been stranded since Tuesday.
Tory branches claimed the most, with the party defending the funding as "in line with government guidance".
The supermarket giant had argued that store jobs were not comparable to distribution centre jobs.
The scheme has already been found to have contributed to a rise in infections.
Workers are “terrified” after the government insisted construction and manufacturing can continue despite soaring infections.
Chancellor tells Commons 800,000 people have already lost their jobs and the "road ahead will be tough" in 2021.
Jake Walters tells HuffPost UK how he struggled to keep a straight face as he stitched up the disgraced Arcadia mogul.
But he added that "individual businesses have the capacity to make decisions about who they will admit and why".