Canary Wharf

The research department at the bank’s Canary Wharf offices is being deep-cleaned.
Protestors are 'swarming' the City of London on the final day of demonstrations, with XR members lying in the road.
Protesters from the environmental group caused disruption at Canary Wharf by climbing a DLR train and gluing themselves to it. Extinction Rebellion have been carrying out protests around the capital since Monday. The Police have so far arrested nearly 300 protesters.
She is fighting for her life alongside her mother after both were injured.
While we see increasing opportunities for some young people, others are being unfairly shackled by poverty
With the Eurozone still in a fragile position; global leverage and debt still rising; and fears of a tech bubble abound this may not be the distant possibility we want it to be. Ten years on from this crisis, it is time to learn the lessons of the crash and our response to it. After all, "those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them".
The Chancellor should have stuck to his guns, and done the fair thing for the British people - regulate and tax the banks properly. As it is, the Bank of England & Financial Services Bill signals a major retreat by the Chancellor from what was until now his own policy. Thus, whilst he stands firmly behind his failed austerity (National Debt up 60% in his six years in charge), he is going soft on banks.