Kaz Foncette was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 31 – and discovered NHS wig charges start at £74.
I try to never dwell on ‘why me’ – cancer doesn’t pick and choose.
The Eve Appeal wants women to be aware of a key symptom of three gynaecological cancers.
Cheryl, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts have all lent their support to the star.
86% of these skin cancer cases are linked to spending too much time in the sun or on sun beds, says Cancer Research UK.
Linda and Anne Nolan both shared that they were undergoing treatment for cancer last week.
The toughest part is my cancer is not curable, and I know I’ve only got a limited amount of time.
The newsreader found out his cancer had spread to his lungs earlier this year.
The siblings received the news within just days of each other, after previously losing sister Bernie to the disease in 2013.