The Strictly Come Dancing favourite is currently halfway through chemotherapy treatment following a cancer diagnosis earlier this year.
“Leave things as they are,” I was told. I was beginning to view my healthcare team as adversaries instead of allies.
"By Christmas, the purple velvet robe he wore, as the King carrying frankincense to baby Jesus in the preschool reenactment, dwarfed his rail-thin body."
"I kept two water bottles filled with vodka in my hospital suitcase. Every night at 7 o’clock, I pulled one from my bag."
Short intervals of physical activity every day can reduce your risk of cancer by 32%.
The Strictly Come Dancing professional recently began chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with cancer.
"After months of silence, Chris asked me to meet him in Central Park, where he explained that he wouldn’t be seeing me for a while."
The Strictly Come Dancing professional began a second course of chemotherapy earlier this month.
You might need to see a doctor if you notice these signs.