The day my dad died, the manager of the high street shop I worked in phoned me up, sheepishly telling me she expected me back the next day.
Lucy Pasha-Robinson chats with comedian and cervical cancer awareness activist Karen Hobbs. In this episode, we’re doing things slightly differently – we’re talking about cancer, which is often seen as an acute condition. But as this week’s guest explains, in many ways its effects can be chronic – from living with life-altering sensations, surgery complications, and the long term psychological impact of facing up to your mortality – including learning to cope with a fear of recurrence.
Melanoma diagnoses fell between April and November last year, which dermatologists warn “is of grave concern”.
Nearly 11,000 people in the UK could be living with undiagnosed breast cancer due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a charity has warned.
Macmillan Cancer has received thousands of calls about Covid-19 fears since the pandemic hit. We hear from those on the front line.
More than half of GPs are concerned that fewer older adults are contacting them with symptoms compared to before the pandemic.
The Big Lebowski star told fans he is being treated for lymphoma but the prognosis was ”good”.
The actor underwent treatment for stage-three bowel cancer in 2018, and has since had the all-clear.
I am one of tens of millions of Americans who went bankrupt due to illness.
The One Show and Loose Women presenter shares the self-care lessons she's learned after losing her dad to cancer.