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How you live, travel and spend all impact your carbon footprint - but companies also need to do their bit to make things more transparent for consumers...
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Where we choose to spend our money can have an environmental price.
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Finding out your impact on the planet is easier than you think – and these simple steps can help lower your score.
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The presenter is currently hosting the ITV2 reality series as well as a Sunday morning radio show.
"We can all play a part in cutting the emissions that are heating our planet."
Switching to “green” versions like dry powder inhalers could cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce NHS drug costs, says a new study.
Prince Harry was asked about his use of private jets at the launch of an initiative to make travel more sustainable. Speaking from Amsterdam, the Duke of Sussex explained that “99% of the time” he travels on commercial flights, and offsets his carbon footprint. He said he only uses private jets when necessary for the safety of his family.
Plus how to reduce your carbon footprint at home.
Beef products are to be removed from sale at Goldsmiths as part of a plan to become carbon neutral by 2025.
A new mosque in Cambridge is Europe's first green mosque. The founders say it's been built to operate at an almost zero carbon footprint. The facade of the building is finished in brick, complementing the materials already found in the local neighbourhood of Victorian terraced houses. The mosque has no minaret and the call to prayer will not be broadcast outside the building.