Cecil Rhodes

Hosts of the Bad Gays podcast, Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller, say by exploring complicated characters from Edgar Hoover, to Gertrude Stein to Cecil Rhodes we can learn more about today's LGBTQ+ identity. Often trailblazers from Harvey Milk, to Marsha P Johnson to Audre Lorde are celebrated as the trailblazers that fought for gay rights but this podcast looks behind the rainbow flag where there is a long list of conflicting characters whose sexuality is often left out of the narrative.
The British public has been forced to acknowledge the darker, racist side of history. But what happens next? Timi Sotire writes.
Campaigners and writers hope Black Lives Matter protesters will push for police abolition – not just toppling of statues.
Governing body of Oriel College has “expressed their wish” to take down statue of colonialist.
Lord Chris Patten also claimed there was "hypocrisy" among critics of the statue, which is mounted onto Oriel College, Oxford.
A petition to remove the statue has been signed more than 110,000 times.
Thousands have signed two new petitions calling for the statue of colonialist Rhodes at Oriel College to be taken down, with a protest also planned.
Exclusive: renewed opposition comes after Black Lives Matter protesters toppled monument to slave trader Edward Colston.
The 23-year-old compared the Rhodes statue at Cape Town University to 'swastikas in Jerusalem'.