child bereavement

I am his mother. I am also a doctor. I died with him. An amputated heart and a bruised soul somehow keep the tatters of my being together. The undying love between mother and son sustains. It finds expression through writing every day.
Talk to children using words they understand and are appropriate for their age. It's best to use honest, clear language if possible. It's probably best to tell children information a bit at a time, giving them the opportunity to come back with more questions. Older children will want and be able to handle more information.
The following week I talked with him at length about the startling lack of response he received from some people. It got me thinking; maybe I could write a list of my own personal FAQs/Tips for those who are perhaps recently bereaved and in particular those who just feel helpless looking in. This changed after my brother Johnny completed suicide in 2014.
Life has already dealt families the hardest blow when a parent dies, leaving children behind. By removing this financial support to their remaining parent, which gave some degree of choice as to how to best support the remaining family, you have condemned people who are widowed after April 5th 2017 to an even more desperate future. And for that, you should be ashamed.
Tips that I have picked up both from training I have been on, and from directly working with children. My own children included. I hope that you find them useful, and if you feel they will help others, that you can pass them on.
She wanted her twins to be in the same outfit for the funeral.
A mum appealed to the internet to help her find a sleepsuit from ‘Next’ for her son who died to wear at his funeral. Zoe
You see, children, like adults, continue to have a relationship with the deceased. What's often not the same for young kids, though, is that they will have to fill in gaps that their memories don't offer up freely. They have to make believe.
Concerns have been raised about the long-term emotional wellbeing of a child following the death of a parent, as a new study