child mental health

"Our youth deserve better mental health care than they currently receive."
These worries can impact their day-to-day lives.
Together, we must ensure that these children are not denied the help they need
'It is so important that we are able to identify children who are at risk.'
A primary school in Kent has become the first school in its county - and one of the first nationwide - to apply and receive
'Every parent wants to know what’s going on in their child’s life.'
Parents are being encouraged to spend 20 minutes a week talking to their kids about how they are feeling, as part of a new
For the first time since I can remember, I watched in amazed disbelief as mental health made headline six 'o'clock news: I felt emboldened by the issue finally being thrown into the spotlight, and grateful to Sir James Munby for gallantly doing it. I then felt furious when, without a hint of irony, newsreaders were telling the public of Theresa May's pledges on mental health.
'There is a real urgency to properly fund child mental health services now.'
A third of children’s mental health services are downsizing or facing closure, a new survey has found.  Worryingly, 84% of