London is actually not the most expensive on the list.
People who live in cities are at higher risk of emphysema lung disease, according to new research.
Some people are getting just three hours 49 minutes uninterrupted kip a night.
Creating cities that make everyone feel included is everyone’s business
Cities are home to half the world's population, they consume 75% of global resources and produce up to 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The very act of looking at how to prioritise cycling opens up so many rewarding shifts in the city, and the world. The bicycle is a vehicle for change. Electing a Bicycle Mayor is a simple yet profoundly powerful step that any city can take.
This widespread uptake of autonomous vehicles will re-shape our cities further. With seamless, and instant, on-demand autonomous vehicles, why own a car? Why pay for parking? Why devote so much precious urban real-estate to inanimate metal objects? An MIT study estimated that Singapore could reduce the number or vehicles by two-thirds with full automation.
Not only are all the basics available, but many airports now boast substantial facilities, from restaurants and spas, to swimming pools and lounges that could rival five-star hotels. In fact, airports have in many ways become microcosms of the modern cities they otherwise serve. They also face similar challenges, and need to address these to best serve their "citizens."
Science is a tool, which has been used to help commercial industries become more effective and productive. Its influence is everywhere from engineering, manufacturing, technology to athletics. Catapulting each industry to a higher realm of thinking as well as innovation.
No matter which way you look at it, this country is divided. The young are angry with the old for owning all the property wealth. Non-graduates are angry with graduates for hording job opportunities. Our national conversation is becoming increasingly venomous. And then there is the chasm opened up by last year's vote to leave the European Union. But there is perhaps no better way of understanding social division in Britain today than to look at the difference between towns and cities.
Over the past year, cities across the world have been buffeted by natural events. Floods ravaged the residents of Mumbai; and tropical storm Harvey left Houston underwater. Cape Town had its worst drought in over a century; and Shanghai, the world's most populous city, experienced its hottest day in recorded history.