cj de mooi

He also revealed the "agony of the last 3 years" has taken its toll on his health.
Prosecutors were unavailable for comment over the claims.
Former Eggheads star CJ de Mooi has claimed the arrest warrant issued against him over an alleged killing appears to have
Once the warrant was translated into English, errors began to emerge.
The extradition of Eggheads star CJ De Mooi has been abandoned by Dutch authorities. Authorities made embarrassingly basic
A former star panelist of BBC quiz show Eggheads could face questions from police about 12 dead bodies found in the canals
UPDATE: Eggsheads Star CJ De Mooi Could Face ‘Police Quiz About 12 Bodies Pulled From Amsterdam Canals’ CJ De Mooi, former
He's been a regular fixture since 2003.