The National Theatre's staging of One Man, Two Guvnors, starring actor James Corden, is to move to London's West End in November
A week ago it emerged that the News Of The World had been hacking into the voicemails of dead children. We donned out grubby macs and cheap trilbies and set out to expose the evil doers. We planted porn in Andy Coulson's bin, handed out bungs at the police bravery awards and tried to doorstep Rupert Murdoch. The result is a very silly short film NEWS OF THE SCREWED for Don't Panic TV.
OK, I admit it, I hacked a phone, but come on, we've all done stuff we now regret! Like that time a boy in my class ate his Dad's dinner for a bet and won. Except he didn't win the battle with his father, if the black eye and bruises he was sporting the next day, proved anything.
This is a grim day for truth-lovers everywhere. Today sees the demise of the proud publication that once confused being a paediatrician with being a paedophile, leading to one of the former being attacked.
Actor and comedian Kevin James is known for churning out broad physical comedies, but while they may reach big audiences
No matter how insane and evil publications like News of the World appear to be -- according to "the facts" -- we can rest easy that noble News Corp empire is about to become a lot more powerful, thanks to Jeremy Hunt.
Charlie Sheen could yet have the last laugh against his former Two and a Half Men bosses - with a one-off TV show set for
Rome - the windy city. Agent Casperwitz had sketched an impression of the target, but could only draw boxes on boxes, or crazy animals. We knew now that the target was either a small stack of boxes, or a frog in a sombrero. And that Agent Casperwitz should hold onto those receipts for his life-drawing classes. 
I decided to have a bit of a rant about the film scenarios that I find most unrealistic, in the hope that future filmmakers might actually take notice.
Young Jonah rocks out to Pantera and a pair of Fox News presenters find farts funny in this week's roundup of the top online