A chef who is in recovery for addiction is helping to feed the most vulnerable members of his community. Nathan Pollard from Newcastle is volunteering at a community cafe which is delivering around 400 food parcels to people every week. He says that giving back is a key step in his own recovery, at a time when giving back matters more than ever.
Some feel the government is urging people to return to work as a “creeping herd immunity” tactic putting minority workers disproportionately at risk.
Anna Willetts got to work when she heard that her sister’s surgery didn’t have enough scrubs to help them deal with coronavirus patients.
Exclusive: This has sparked outcry from people from BAME communities with many branding the move as “shameful” and “alarming”.
Businesses are shut because of the lockdown imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus. In many villages and small communities around Britain it has meant a vital part of the community has been shut too. Pubs are many things for many people and without them in rural areas, a sense of connection is lost.
Daksha Varsani felt moved by the gigantic efforts of NHS staff helping others during the coronavirus pandemic. She wanted to help and put out a message, which her niece responded to. Daksha offered to help cook meals for staff so they didn’t have to after work and has gone from cooking 50 meals on her first day to now overseeing distribution of nearly 2000 meals a day.
Dutch Londoner, Annemarie Plas, got the UK making noise for everyone fighting at the frontline of coronavirus.
Here's how to help, from Covid-19 mutual aid and postcards to Nextdoor and #selfisolationhelp.
"It's incumbent on all of us – families, communities, neighbourhoods – to step up and think about what we can do to support people."
The house where Tristan and Blake Barrass were killed by their own parents is a daily reminder for their friends and neighbours. HuffPost UK hears from a community in the wake of a tragedy.