“It’s just a very giving place. It’s more than a shop, let’s put it that way.”
It offers a free Christmas lunch to anyone spending the season alone – find out where it is.
Francis McIsaac and Julie Smith in Liverpool have spent nine days decorating their home. Money raised from donations will go to their local school.
Climate change protests won’t be taken seriously if they continue to cause clashes within communities, argues writer Sharan Dhaliwal.
Putting inspections into the hands of communities will be far more effective than an inspector swooping in every few years, New Local Government Network director Adam Lent writes.
“We didn’t expect it. It’s been everywhere.”
“Our shelves are empty ... and at this point we are absolutely desperate for donations."
When Robert Harwood noticed his neighbour had been made homeless, he helped get him back on track – paying for his Travelodge and furnishing his home.
Britain’s towns need more than just economic investment, Local Trust CEO Matt Leach writes.
Left unchecked, it will wipe out entire families, run riot through communities and spread across borders, making it a threat to us all, International Development Secretary Alok Sharma writes.