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Keenan Love has walked 46 miles to remember the life of George Floyd and try to heal the division in his Chicago community.
With the pandemic gripping their home area in South West London, two choir friends (Catherine Carrere and Yasmine Samhiry) came together to make reusable cotton masks for their local community and help volunteering efforts to overcome Covid-19. So far, the team has made over 950 masks for the community.
From befriending helplines to WhatsApp groups, lockdown forced us to confront loneliness in our communities. Here's how to keep it up.
A woman from north London is making face masks to help keep her community safe. Isabella Guleroglu from Islington first responded to a request on a coronavirus support group on Facebook from a person in need of a face mask. She says it feels “really good” to know she is making a difference.