Conflict-averse? Here's what you can do to have a productive conversation that doesn't escalate into a fight.
Everyone has a preferred style for arguing. Are you a compromiser, competitor or collaborator?
Needless acrimony can be skirted by finding out directly if your partner wants advice or just someone to listen.
Although I wish it didn't happen, these well-honed tips have got me through.
Your kiddo won't always like and get along with everyone. That doesn't mean they are bad or the other kid is wrong. It's just a part of life.
"People died, Zev – and that’s the horror here, not your hurt feelings."
"The South African government does devote disproportionate attention to Israel compared to many other conflict areas in the world."
"We are extremely upset and disappointed in the South African government. It has never done this - in the whole of democratic South Africa"
In the wake of struggle narratives that solely glorify men, black women have been exiled, forgotten and erased.
From Debbie Downer to The Critic: it's time to say goodbye.