Swathes of Conservatives face the end of their political careers on Tuesday. It looks like a roll-call of the "fallen" moderates.
Our market fundamentalist system is failing vast numbers of people - and the Conservatives do not have solutions to the problems of Conservatism
I've seen all the immediate analysis from Brexit and the Trump victory and it's not surprising that much of it is poor and ill thought out. This changing landscape may be something we don't fully understand for years and I don't think anyone has got the definitive vision yet (and you shouldn't expect to see it here either). However, at the end of the 2016 it's time we took stock and prepare for whatever will come next
The United States of America is a vast country. It is inhabited by over three hundred million people and it's arguably the
People were being given a chance to make Shakespeare their own, and in the magnificent Globe theatre no less, who were not usually given this chance. And they were being given the chance to do so on their own terms, in ways that resonated with them
Our reluctance to talk about death is often taken as evidence that we are afraid, and therefore suppress thoughts about it. However, there is little direct evidence to support that we are. So what is a "normal" amount of death anxiety? And how does it manifest itself?
Nationalism, patriotism and conservatism (with a small c) are principles that have been influential throughout British History. They have helped shape our sense of identity and define our culture, despite the argument as to what that exactly constitutes.
I'm not a particularly political person. I am not a Marxist, a Socialist, a Conservative, a Liberal...I find it all a bit bewildering to be honest. And I'm not alone. For though most people have a plethora of views about the huge problems facing the country at the moment...