conspiracy theory

The app was used to spread misinformation that helped elect far-right authoritarian Jair Bolsonaro. It still serves as a platform for radicalisation.
Conspiracy channels all over the platform are funneling increased traffic to Fox.
The US president retweeted multiple unfounded claims hours after convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide.
"Q is you. And Q is me. Q is logic. Q is a plan to save the world."
The website has been accused of being “hyper-partisan” and pushing conspiracy theories.
Conspiracy theorists have capitalised on YouTube’s change to its algorithm by using it to rally their bases for grassroots promotion.
The TV host confirmed speculation about a promo photo of the Disney remake's cast.
Lawyers for the right-wing conspiracy theorist accidentally sent child porn to the plaintiffs.
Professor Piers Robinson was exposed by HuffPost as a supporter of 9/11 conspiracy theories.